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The price of selling lobster Tôm 200-400, in Phu Yen

The price of selling lobster Tôm 200-400, in Phu Yen

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Fresh lobster sales are all to know
There are many people interested in the lobster market, however, to know about it is not simple and limited. Today we offer some factors that you are interested in lobster as well as lobster market.

1) How do lobsters live?
Lobster is a closely related species living in deep saline waters. In Vietnam, lobster is distributed in the south of central Vietnam. Lobsters are of similar habit, they are commonly eaten in shrimps and crabs. Shellfish live very well in all environments.




2) Where to buy lobster?
If you are a lobster trader, you will find a lot of areas such as Nha Trang, Phu Yen, Binh Dinh, Quang Ngu, etc. service. In the retail market, lobsters are sold at seafood parlors, where lobsters are also sold.



3) What is the price of lobster 1 kg?
Lobster price depends on each season and the price of lobster varies from 1 to 2 million VND / kg, the price of lobster varies from 800 k - 1.2 million / kg, the price of lobster varies from 700 - 900 k / kg ..... So how much lobster price depends on many factors.

4) Where to sell fresh lobster?
Fresh lobster is lobster, at lobster business establishments with fresh lobster, fresh lobster is marinated and kept for 1-2 days, fresh lobster prices are about half that of live lobsters. hotel or choose this type of shrimp because of the reduced price and easy to maintain.

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